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Steph & Wise

 投稿者:ガンジ  投稿日:2021年 3月30日(火)07時35分8秒
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  > ステフとワイズマンがP&Rの練習を繰り返したとのこと。
> 「練習で彼は正しい角度を習得したし、自分とのタイミングをつかんだ」

Curry and Kent Bazemore (plus-129 cumulatively), Bazemore and Green (plus-101) and Curry and Green (plus-99) make up the Warriors best two-player groups for outscoring an opponent when on the court together.

Curry and Wiseman have been outscored by 79 points. The only Warriors duos worse are Wiseman and Kelly Oubre Jr. (minus-105), Oubre and Andrew Wiggins (minus-119), Oubre and Eric Pachall (minus-124), and Wiggins and Wiseman (minus-164).


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